Affordable Housing

Providing Relief, Assistance, and Dignity to Our Neighbors

“The affordable housing crisis has deeply impacted our local community here in Reno, rents are at an all time high and simply unaffordable for many working families.”

The affordable housing crisis has deeply impacted our local community here in Reno. The housing that is available simply cannot meet the demand. In my current job at the Washoe County Assessor's Office, I see first-hand every day the lack of affordable housing options available. I’m grateful for the efforts to tackle this issue by so many in our community. I believe that we can only solve this problem in partnership with our local governments, affordable housing advocates, and developers. I plan to work with local leaders here in Reno to address this issue, while building on the work done during the 2019 legislative session to incentivize more affordable housing options coming online.

Earlier this year, I sat down with different experts and community members in Nevada to talk about rent relief, mortgage assistance, and the rising cost of housing in the Reno area. In those conversations, we discussed the upcoming challenge that our state, and many others, will face as moratoriums lift and families are left without protection or assistance.


Homelessness, rising housing costs, and the difficulty of maintaining affordable housing will only be further exacerbated in the months that follow this public health crisis. The lack of inventory available greatly impacts affordability of rental units, and with a median home cost of $450,000, young and single families are left without options of becoming homeowners.


I will continue to rely on experts, economists, and those working in this area to inform the work I do at the state level, and there will be much work to be done to address the challenges families and individuals face when they want to move to our state and our community.  We can build on the legislation passed during the 2019 Session by partnering with developers, generating workforce housing, and offering more affordable housing in our community through state funded city-based incentive programs. We need to address housing in our state not just to meet demand, but to give a sense of permanence and dignity to our neighbors and community members who call Nevada home.

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