Economy and Working Families

Supporting Small Business Owners, Workers, and Union Members

“Workers shouldn’t be stuck choosing between paychecks and their safety, but because of this virus and how devastated our economy is, they are. So, since they need their paychecks, it is on us to make sure we are fighting for their safety.”

“Every worker deserves to have safe working conditions especially given the current health crisis.”

Coronavirus is devastating Nevada’s economy. I will fight to help working families and small businesses weather the impact of the pandemic and get back on their feet. I believe we need to look at every option, including small business loans, assistance for those who have lost their jobs, and economic diversification in the green energy industry that will create new, good-paying jobs and help to stabilize our state’s economy into the future.

With many Nevadans out of work and struggling to navigate the state’s unemployment insurance system, it is critical that we address the challenges with the system and clear the backlog of claims. I am committed to this effort, and to cutting red tape for our small businesses and implementing safety standards so that they can remain open safely. 

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and we need to do everything we can to help them get through this economic crisis. 

Nevada has long been a state deeply impacted by any sort of economic downturn due to our heavily tourism-based economy. If we hope to combat that in the future, we must begin to diversify our economy now. Our state has an abundance of natural resources that give us the ability to be a leader in the green economy. We should invest in expanding our solar, wind, and geothermal sectors to provide quality, good-paying jobs that will also help us achieve the goal of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

I also believe we should also work to recruit more tech companies here. Nevada has a business-friendly environment and available land. We can provide many things to the tech industry in terms of relocation or opening of new tech companies that should attract the industry here. I will go to work to ensure that we promote Nevada as a great place to work, live, and do business in order to diversify our economy and create more quality, high-paying jobs.

To help Nevada families stand on stronger economic footing, I firmly believe in paid sick leave, access to affordable childcare, and an increase to the minimum wage. No one should ever be working full-time and living in poverty and I believe these policies strengthen the economic wellbeing of Nevada’s working families.

Even before this health and economic crisis, working families have struggled to pay for housing and maintain good paying jobs. Now, with high unemployment, families are struggling even more to pay rent or monthly mortgage payments, and small businesses across Nevada are at risk of permanently closing. It is going to be critical that we focus on providing relief to working families and offering job opportunities across the state.

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