Health Care

Expanding Healthcare Access, Transparency, and Treatment Options

“Families should not have to decide between buying groceries or going to the doctor, between paying rent or filling a prescription.”

Access to quality, affordable health care is critical now more than ever. I support efforts currently underway in Nevada to expand health care access and bring down the skyrocketing costs of health insurance and prescription drugs. This crisis has shown us the importance of every individual having access to healthcare options. I will work to make sure Nevada has the equipment, capacity, and health care workers needed to contain this virus.

The rising cost of healthcare is a major problem in our community, our state, and our country. No one is alone in the struggle of navigating in-network care providers or covering the cost of medications.

My mom had some serious health issues which caused her to be hospitalized twice in the spring of 2018.  She was fortunate enough to have insurance that covered her treatments, surgeries, procedures and hospital stays.  When going through medical emergencies, it’s enough of a burden trying to keep up with all the paperwork and instruction from the numerous doctors. 


We need to do more to offer the people that live here, in Reno, good insurance coverage options. I’m not afraid to take on big health insurance and drug companies to ensure we bring down the costs of health care for Nevadans. With the Affordable Care Act under threat at the federal level, we must ensure that we are protected here at the state level by continuing to require insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions and by blocking those insurance companies from charging more for insurance to women and senior citizens.


Healthcare also needs to be inclusive of mental healthcare. I am supportive of the work the legislature has done in the creation of mobile mental health units. The mobile mental health units provide access to services to people by meeting them where they are in their communities, and I support the expansion of programs like these.


And as a woman, I understand the importance of investing in increased access to life-saving measures like mammograms and cervical cancer screeners. We must ensure that our state continues to invest in these types of grants and builds on the great work that’s already been done. I also support creating a standing prescription order from the state’s chief medical officer for birth control so that pharmacies can dispense contraceptives to women without them having to pay a visit to their doctors first.


Women’s access to health care is also under serious threat at the federal level, and we need leaders who will do all they can to ensure those rights at the state level. I will always stand up to protect a woman’s right to choose and will do everything in my power to ensure that is always the case here in Nevada.


With so much at stake at the federal level these days, it is critical that we have elected leaders in Nevada that will stand up for our access to health care.

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